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About us


Oscar FH Baez, designer and modeler of Italian blood.

Precursor of Antigua Casa Hormasaca and Maquinas Argentinas, he is recognized in the field of leather as one of the most futuristic and modern creators of Argentine leather, for his work at La Albertina Tannery.

In an effort to extend the legacy of his family, he launches a proposal of a glamorous and daring spirit. A shoe that tracks the best of the "Golden Age" of global footwear, using noble raw materials, visionary concepts of sustainability, exclusive designs and inclusion without pre-concepts.

With a passion and love for the Argentine tradition, a line called TANGO CRUSH was born. Where fans of this dance will find a renewed formula created by the designer including the new generations of TANGO FREESTYLE.

His latest, but no less important integration to this wide range of footwear, is Farfalla Bianca. For him his greatest challenge, because it meant the closure of this great circle of inclusion and equality. A line that breaks with all stereotypes without adaptations or limitations due to traditional footwear concepts.

The designer places himself in the place of each of his clients and undoubtedly offers the best of his creation in each pair, at every step.

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